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Incentives Make Giving Fun!!!

Ok, people have been incredibly generous in their support of 826 Valencia and my spelling bee team, Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe. But I am still just about halfway to my goal and the team as a whole has a ways to go. You have no idea how badly I want to kick the butts of Lemony Snicket, Adam Savage, Thao Nguyen, and Michael Chabon raise money for 826 Valencia to help them help as many children as possible!

So, here's what I'm offering. You will receive some incentives if you donate, depending on how much you donate here:

$5 = a shout out on facebook

$10 = a shout out on facebook AND a personal heartfelt compliment posted on your facebook wall (or somewhere else if you aren't on facebook).

$15 = both of the above PLUS a handwritten handmade card in the real mail

$20 = all of the above PLUS either a copy of my hai-cooties mini-zine (a book of haikus i wrote - one for each person i've kissed) OR a set of 3 mini 1" badges handmade by me (we can discuss possible designs, but some ideas = old maps, old yearbook photos, text and illustrations from old children's books, etc.)

$30 = all of the above PLUS a handmade just for you mix cd designed for your enjoyment (or playlist on youtube or rdio)

$40 = all of the above PLUS either a print of any of my photos on flickr ( - i recommend the travelgasm photos) on 8x10 high quality photo paper OR a miniature owl plush ornament handmade by me.

$50 = all of the above PLUS either i take you out to the bar of your choice for a drink and you can make me wear ANY OUTFIT YOU WANT no matter how horrific (as long as butt, boobs, vagina, gut don't show) OR i'll cook you dinner (give you a choice of a couple of meal options) OR if you aren't local, and you don't want to wait until we see each other next, we can discuss a suitable mailed treat to go along with all of the above. One for each fifty dollars donated.

EDIT: I HAVE ANOTHER ONE! ok, at the rate of $15 hour you can pay me for babysitting services, dogwalking services, or other such services (as agreed upon) via donation.

For those of you who have so amazingly already donated...let me know if you'd like to cash in on your deserved incentives! Just send me an email or post here or let me know somehow all the info i need - your choices, your address, etc etc.

Thank you again so much for helping me support this amazingly worthwhile organization!

Donate Donate Donate! It feels good!!!
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