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because there's forty different shades of black

the view from where i sit

so, here i am...sitting at my new neighborhood coffee shop. it's funny how little i wandered in this direction from the places i've lived in san francisco before - i'm barely 4 blocks away from my first apartment in this city and it feels like a whole new neighborhood to explore!

we got the keys to our new place on saturday and today we have movers getting all our stuff out of storage (in fremont) and moving it to our apartment. it's going to be interesting to see what we have! we don't really remember what all we kept. and i can pretty well guarantee we won't want some of it. we've learned a lot about downsizing our lives. and we don't want our cute new apartment bursting at the seams!

so, this coffee shop is right on our corner and it's aok. it has a library of books for reading or buying, delicious coffee (taking another sip now), pleasant music (hi r.e.m.), friendly baristas, and wifi with tons of power points. there's one corner with a couple of couches. and it's completely non-pretentious, which is unusual in my town. they also have bagels, so i'll test those another day. ooh and two adorable little girls in amazing outfits just came in. i'm in noe valley now!

our apartment is just across the street and down the block from where i sit. it looks like this:

i love how kind of non-san francisco it is. i also love that it's on a hilly street across from some very cute san francisco style homes. so if you look at the building - the two left-most sets of windows are ours - the lower set. the far left is the kitchen and the bigger one is the living room. around the side of the building you can see where a silver car is parked - it's sort of hard to see but there are wooden stairs leading up to the door on the first floor there (2nd floor i guess by the way we describe here in the states)...that door goes straight into our bedroom. cute!

tomorrow we'll get our cat back and start sleeping here and then it's the fun of unpacking and waiting for our furniture order to be delivered and finding bookshelves and dressers and the things we need and slowly putting our place together into a home. it's really exciting because it's such a fresh start - the first home ian and i are really putting together together, not just from bits and pieces of our past homes.

can't wait to have you all come visit!

and now i'm going to finish my coffee, and take a walk to the neighborhood pet supply store (1 block from the apartment) and see if they carry bella's food and litter. wish me luck! see you soon!
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