because there's forty different shades of black (dearanxiety) wrote,
because there's forty different shades of black

bring it on 2012

it's been like 1000 years since i've written anything on lj. haven't been super inspired or motivated to write much, but thought i'd give an end of the year/beginning of the year mini-update at least. basically, everything looks pretty identical right now to how it looked a year ago, in spite of all kinds of potential change and excitement that never was to be. so that is just not super inspiring or motivating or interesting.

so, yeah. on the babymaking front, we still haven't made one in spite of many many many months of trying. we are now working with a reproductive endocrinologist (aka a fertility dude) who will attempt to merge the semen of ian with the egg of sharon in the creation of a new life form - the shian. i don't expect to talk too much about the process as we go through it. suffice it to say that ian mostly masturbates in cups while i get poked, probed and prodded. on the plus side, i really dig my doctor and feel good about starting on this journey with him. you can presume that if i get pregnant, you'll hear about it when it's at the point that it's time to tell. in the meantime, it all feels a little raw and personal and boring and tmi. although i do like hearing from other people who've gone through the process.

what else? i was asked to be on the newbery committee, then not able to be (they made a mistake). i was given a super rad acting promotion that i loved, then had to leave it (there was a union grievance). i went on anti-depressants then went back off of them. i got excited about buying a house and moving to alameda but did not buy a house or move to alameda. i don't think i left the country even once. actually, january of last year i went to canada. friend stuff and family stuff is aok great.

i did get a bad ass tattoo in 2011. so there's that, at least.

here's to 2012! bring it.
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